celluloid blonde

one more time for the slow kids

  CelluloidBlonde [you are here] is the personal blog of screenwriter Max Adams:   [youtube=]   *if you are here to read about 20th Century Fox and PJ McIlvaine, that is here –> :::pj mcilvaine & goliath::: *tragically, i find it unlikely any press members posting stories that say [inaccurately] this is PJ’s website actually […]


ooh la la an award

  It is a pretty award too. Yay! Frontier who is a very smart man with excellent taste gave me that award it is nifty yay! There are rules that go with this award. One is that you pass the award on to deserving and refreshing other blogs and link to the blogs. [I am […]


while i am carousing

  Say, while — I am carousing. Write me something pithy. I cannot be witty and pithy all on my own all the time here you know — especially with the hangover I am planning to have — attempt to contribute here.   *write the blonde assassin at blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com *yes that […]