while i am carousing


Say, while —

I am carousing.

Write me something pithy. I cannot be witty and pithy all on my own all the time here you know — especially with the hangover I am planning to have — attempt to contribute here.


*write the blonde assassin at blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com

*yes that is a real email address

*pretty clever stacking the que huh?


where the art work comes from :
that is from piece of lace

0 Responses to while i am carousing

  1. This is the third night out in a row, popular girl.
    Hope you had a great time, Max, you deserve it.

  2. Something pithy? How about the stuff one cleans from the center of reeds?

  3. uh, well ok.

    “something pithy”

    How’s that?

    I’ll get my coat.

    …Goodnight, Gracie.

  4. Have a great time, Max.

    Me, I will be in sweltering heat at a BBQ with people that bore me to death. I plan on a hangover too, but yours will probably be much more worth it.

  5. Max leads the life we all wish we did.

  6. max

    Silly Pooks. I go out like once a year.

  7. max

    [by the way janie is carrying you all in the letters department you slackers]

  8. Yeah, you slackers!

    eh, I mean I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I understand that that anonymous Elle girl has sent a few in…

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