marines, we are leaving!

Okay things here on the WordPress servers are getting more than ugly ads way on the blog courtesy of WordPress so I will not be posting more around here while the blog is still on the WordPress site. BUT! I am moving the blog so that you can still catch up on all the celluloidblonde […]


whoah tower of mordor stats

  I popped in tonight — To post about the owls and, Whoah! Tower of Mordor stats! I’m pretty sure this is about the “it’s tough to be a girl on the internet” post.     Back in the old days when I was posting pretty consistently the blog used to get some heavy traffic. […]


the return of website frenzy

  You knew it would not end with SeeMaxRun, right? Of course not. The real goal was to vevamp the AFW site I just got sidetracked along the way.¬† So now AFW is revamped. It is a work in progress but it is coming together. Stop by and tell me what you think.     […]


story board whut?

  I am always seeing these crazy story boards posted online by writers. They are very ordered and very detailed and very complex and to me look like time outlines for a NASA space mission or a chores list put up for a military camp. Here is one of those crazy story boards: Here is […]