ask not what your country can do for you

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

~ John F. Kennedy


I just got a Facebook message. It’s from someone on Facebook telling me he’s putting out a book and wants me to plaster it all over the internet. He’s telling me why this will help him out.

I don’t know this person. Also, I’ve been moving heaven and earth for the last six months [tell me if you have heard this before] to promote my book.  I don’t think he even knows the title.

I get another message. This is from someone whose daughter just gave birth. This person wants me to hit all my show biz contacts with the info this infant at 2 1/2 weeks is good to go in movies.

I don’t know this person. Also I’ve been moving heaven and earth for the last six months to promote my book.  I don’t think this person even knows the title.

What are the odds I am going to help either of these people out? Promote whats-his-name’s book, which, by the way, he isn’t sending me a copy of. Or what’s-her/his-names-grandchild? Which by the way I don’t have a photo of?

Not too high risk.

Look, there are people I forward on, despite a continual lack of any sort of forwarding me on or interest or support. These people are people I think are so valuable to the screenwriting community, I just do it. Despite their asshole Max non-support. Usually they are guys. And kind of misogynists. But, they provide value.

Are you that valuable to the community?

This is when JFK’s slogan really comes into play. “Ask not what Max can do for you.”

I’m really tired of people who want something from me and provide nothing in return. I’m not standing here with my hand out demanding anything. I’m just living my life. But you sure as fuck are. You’re asking a lot, and have nothing to give in return. Never intended to. Ever.

What the fuck is up with that?

Now let’s talk about cool people.

Patricia Burroughs and I were in Genie together. And later, Left Door. She just signed a 3 book deal. Go, Patricia, go!

Jacqueline Sinclair is a problematic creature, she fights public recognition at every corner, but I love her dearly and she just made the Nicholl first cut. Go, Jacq, go!

Stacy Baker is a crazy mover and shaker coming up through the ranks. Work it, Stacy. Yay!

Debi Yazbeck is crazy supportive and has gone Banksy crazy more than once. Love you Debi.

Julie Howe is insanely supportive and is on her way to her first produced film after winning AFF comedy.

Alvaro Rodriguez
is one of the kindest men I’ve ever met — he’s also over six feet tall. We are having coffee tomorrow.

Karen Rigley is probably the best friend I ever had. She will drop everything to read material, is always kind and supportive. Since the day we met, she has been my strongest cheerleader. I’m a little scared of Karen. Karen’s too good to be human.

Kym Kemp AKA Red Headed Blackbelt [and she is both] is a beloved friend and author who went above and beyond the call of duty to actually Banksy the Garberville Theater. OMG! I will never forget that birthday. Thank you, Kym.

Kitty Sibille, without whom, I probably would not be alive today. Kitty has practically force fed me at times, and dragged me out to Texas when all hell was breaking loose in California. I wouldn’t be here or alive without Kitty.

Lacy Waltzman, who stormed in with spaghetti fixings the day I seriously knew I was out of food. [It happens, when you are an artist.] To this day I will never forget the boots she was wearing when she like a queen stormed in with a crate of spaghetti supplies.

I’m leaving a lot of people out. There are so many more.

I am freakishly lucky to have this many people I love who love me.

Maybe I better hit church or something. Jeez, who knew?


Let me point something out. There is a personal link between myself and each person I named above. I’m not telling you to go out and make false connections with people. But maybe live your life being a supporter instead of a taker and make real connections? That might work. Much better than hitting strangers telling them what they can do for you. Because I guarantee you, doing that? That will just piss people off.

It pissed me off.

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  1. Thanks, babe. You are the bestest ever, and deserve only the bestest of friends.

  2. Max

    Thanks, Miss. Smooch!

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