eclipse, empty space

empty space

There is a hole in the world where my friend used to be. An empty space. It leaves flotsam in its wake. A name and photo at the top of my message list. I can’t erase that. I won’t erase that. But that space will never contain a voice again. After arriving in San Antonio, […]


Kerry Valderrama

you will be missed

I am deeply saddened by news of the loss of Kerry Valderrama. My thoughts are with his family. I get angry when people die. Angry at them for dying and leaving me. Angry at the world that keeps spinning. Angry at the sun that keeps rising. I am angry. Also you still owe me dinner.



    I have been doing IQ posts a long time and people even really close friends [who you would think would have been there from the beginning but no, thank you demon from hell Facebook algorithms] keep asking me what “IQ!” by cute animal photos means so, for everyone who missed it, the “IQ!” […]


film festival frenzy!

Austin Film Festival was fun — and exhausting. That is a lot of socializing for someone who spends most of her days alone with bed hair facing off with a hostile computer. Here are some fun pics.   Also there is more crazy good AFW news for November :::go see:::   Also there is more […]