max dammit adams


Hmm, it appears —

There is some confusion in the press about whom this blog belongs to. Let’s clear that up.

Celluloid Blonde is the personal blog of screenwriter Max Adams. That is why it says “the sometimes suspect musings of max adams” right up there at the top of the blog.

Also. Max Adams is female.

Jeez, whatever happened to fact checking?

Love and Kisses,

Your Max Dammit Adams Girl


*ps: bet you never knew what that d stood for did you?
*pps: go contribute to :::pj’s legal defense::: while you are here


pictured above :
max adams, aka celluloid blonde
photo by sirpa nelson

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  2. Y’know, for whatever reason, this post just cracked me up, Max.

    How’ve ya been?

  3. lydia

    Interesting ‘flurries’ but I thought I was having a stroke! On Drop Dead Diva (Showcase – Nov. 22nd) Max Adams was a character. Even though he was male and the villain, your name was repeated several times. Meant to write that night it was so exciting!

  4. max

    Yeah I saw that. It kind of creeped me out.

  5. max

    Hi, Lou. Good thanks for asking.

  6. lydia

    For a Hollywood gal, I am surprised. Any news is good news. Name recognition is max.adams. Are you related to Lorne Adams Jr.? I was serious about the snow flurries, they are disconcerting.

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