pink stars on gray tiled street sidewalk

the strikes are really really for reals reals over

SAG-AFTRA membership ratified the new contract tonight. That means the 2023 Hollywood strikes are really for reals over now. Not everyone is happy about the new contract. There are still AI holes in the contract. But for better or worse, the SAG-AFTRA contract is ratified. The 2023 strikes are over. There’s a new project in […]


a few bad apples

    In 1988, the Ayatollah Khomeini put a price on author Salmon Rushdie’s head. Rushdie wasn’t wanted “dead or alive.” Khomeini wanted Rushdie dead. I don’t know what the original price tag was for one dead author, but as of 2013, the price on Rushdie’s head was over 3 million pounds. The Ayatollah is […]


moments that shame me

  I found a tiny elderly woman — Out cold in a pool of blood in an alley. It was an alley in Los Angeles that was the back way in to one of the last photography studios in Los Angeles that developed black and white film. That is why I was there. It was […]


screenwriters don't do "prep work"

    I stopped over on ScriptChat tonight.  It’s a Twitter thing, everyone hits one website [the ScriptChat website] and then chats it up and the site automatically adds a hashtag, #scriptchat to the conversation. Which all plays out on Twitter like Twitter comments.   [If you are not on Twitter, that will all be […]