grayscale photo of books

the great book war

I have books. Many many books. Not as many books as I used to have. I used to have 1,000 pounds of books. I know this because I paid to move 1,000 pounds of books one time. That was a lot of moves ago. It is surprising how many books you at one time thought […]


debris & detritus deal!

Remember when I told you about the sassy anthology I contributed to, Debris & Detritus? Of course you do, you are smart people and not forgetful. Did you buy the book? No? Okay, not forgetful, but crazy people ahhh! This is your lucky day though. The book is part of a hot anthology deal right […]


anthology ahoy!

Remember when I told you I have a story coming out in an anthololy? Well there was a slight publication delay but the anthology Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok has arrived. Yay! Okay almost arrived, it technically arrives on February 10th. It is availalbe for pre-purchase now however. And it contains […]


the book battle

  I’m in this huge battle to give up books. This became really clear in the Seattle move when the movers told me I was moving 5 thousand pounds and 2 thousand of them were books.   I’ve been trying to give up books ever since.   In varying degrees, I am winning. I’m down […]


tnnsg does christmas

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