dress up day

  So in the way — Fashion things work, I used to be about a size zero and now none of those clothes fit and one of my best girlfriends used to be a size two and now none of those clothes fit — we both sized up, me to a two because I wanted […]


cool stuff

  Last night — I went to a screening of Ten Inch Hero. It was very fun and the first time I got to see it on the big screen and it has Jensen Ackles in it who is cute as hell which is reason enough to go see it but also [and this is […]


ooh la la an award

  It is a pretty award too. Yay! Frontier who is a very smart man with excellent taste gave me that award it is nifty yay! There are rules that go with this award. One is that you pass the award on to deserving and refreshing other blogs and link to the blogs. [I am […]