conversations with the avocado

MONDAY: Me: Ready?Avocado: No. TUESDAY: Me: Ready?Avocado: No WEDNESDAY: Me: Ready?Avocado: No THURSDAY: Me: Ready?Avocado: No FRIDAY: Avocado: Ready!Me: I’m in the shower!Avocado: Ticking down!Me: Ow I have soap in my eye!Avocado: Tick tock…Me: Ready!Avocado: Too late.


black and white easter eggs

number four and easter eggs

I’m admiring Easter egg designs I will probably never rally myself at all to do. I like monochrome and black & white. Also foil eggs are really pretty. I’m pretty sure children would not be as excited about monochrome and foiled eggs. Children have really garish taste and like huge big splashy colors. I tell […]


bat email

I got bat email today. This is my favorite line: “The bats will enter your apartment and hide until dark, which is when their flying party starts.” Bat flying party! Woo! Also: “Our maintenance team can do a lot of things, being BATMAN is not one of them.” Did you know bats are protected? I […]


abstract blue ink picture on white paper

hands of blue

Me staring in bathroom cupboard searching for cleaning products because the shower stall floor is looking not sparkley white and, to be truthful, a little hinky (Austin water is strange and not to be trusted, things water-esque in Austin turn orange if you do not stay on top of them): Oops, all out of hinky-shower-type […]


black and white short coated dogs

savvy dogs!

Dogs in my building — Are savvy. It’s very windy, sort of cold, most people taking the dogs out just want the dogs to go pee and to dash back inside. The dogs don’t mind the wind and cold, though. The dogs kind of like it and want to hang out outside longer. So the […]


discovery earth nasa research


So I saw this application to a NASA position from Jack Davis [age 9]:     I immedately knew 2 things: 1: NASA was in trouble if it was considering job applications from 9 year olds. 2: I needed to follow Jack Davis’s lead writing to NASA applying for the planetary protection officer job, [eat my […]