it is probably just me

  It’s probably just me. But I keep staring at this package of packing materials that showed today. And thinking — Shouldn’t a company that sells packing and shipping materials be better at packing and shipping materials? I’m totally afraid of it.  


move frenzy: part i

    So the move is on the horizon and I have started checking out Craigslist apartment listings to see what is out there. Wow do I hate Austin apartment brokers. Let me count the reasons why —   FIVE REASONS MAX HATES AUSTIN APARTMENT RENTAL BROKERS 1: Austin apartment rental brokers are the only […]



  I’m on the balcony — Having a smoke. There’s a small thump to my right. I look right, see nothing. I look up. There is a German Shepherd puppy on a third floor balcony with perked earls looking down at me intently. I think it’s a German Shepherd puppy. It’s getting dark but the […]


the nefarious yoga shorts

  I got yoga shorts. It is horrifying looking at my poor bare knees and thighs in the studio mirror — and also a lot easier for instructors to bust you if your thighs are not straining hard enough — but really a relief to not start wanting to rip my pants off halfway through […]