ooh la la an award


It is a pretty award too. Yay!

Frontier who is a very smart man with excellent taste gave me that award it is nifty yay!

There are rules that go with this award. One is that you pass the award on to deserving and refreshing other blogs and link to the blogs. [I am so on task about details, okay, not really.] Also you have to link back to the person who gave you the award [that is Frontier doy] and also to the place of the Arte Y Pico award’s origin so people can read all about it.

[It helps if you speak more than just English and German and I do not, oops, but the Arte Y Pico is sure a pretty award with a pretty award name.]

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Okay, the envelope please.

And the award goes to :

Kym, who loves Firefly almost as much as I do and almost rates Jayne Cobb except she doesn’t because I get him. [:::scamper:::]
Anita Marie, no one does Dr. Who and Bruce like Anita.
Oscarande I love his vignettes.
Ginny, Ginny always cracks me up and also once in a while throws a hook that catches me by surprise.
Jason, that boy sure can write.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


*i would have nabbed rain and stil here but frontier snatched them right up — told you he had excellent taste in blogs — also i would have listed more blogs but the award only said five and typing too many links makes my eyes cross so if you are not on that list do not be sad i love you i just look funny with crossed eyes


where i got that award :
that award is from frontier former editor

[thank you frontier]

where that award comes from :
that is the arte y pico award

0 Responses to ooh la la an award

  1. Awwww! Big thanks, Max! Awards I can’t pronounce are the BEST awards!
    (P.S. I dig that Oscarande’s stuff. Every time I read his blog, I think, “Why am I reading this for free?” You have impeccable taste.)

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  3. WOW it IS pretty…not as Pretty as you know WHO but pretty all the same
    anita marie

  4. max

    “You have impeccable taste.”

    I like to tell myself that. [wink]

    Anita, you are going to have Bruce and Tennant fighting in the street over who you mean when you said “You know who.” Oh, wait, “Who.” Okay never mind. Poor Bruce, kicked to the curb.

  5. It’ll just make him want me more.
    That’s what happens in the movies…oh and on the Jerry Springer show too.

  6. max

    I have to study up on your vixen ways you are so man savvy.

  7. What can I say.
    Years of boxing lessons and teaching Dog Obedience
    classes leave their mark on a person.

  8. Well, hot damn! Thanks chica!!!

    This is the best-looking blog award I think I’ve ever seen.

  9. max

    Isn’t it pretty? I love pretty awards.

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