black handled scissors beside stainless steel scissors

hair yay day!

The hair day went so totally right yay! I was angsting out a little about cuts and color. In the end we went for a merge of this color and cut combo:   It so worked! Yay yay yay!Thank you Kate at Last Satellite yay!  


summer ahoy!

I love this bathing suit. I’m pretty sure if I wear this bathing suit everyone will look at me oddly but I love it anyway. Besides, everyone looks at me oddly anyway since I’m usually the only person in a one piece. This is a two piece! I am so conforming! Where I found that […]


dresses ahhh!

  OMG. Someone finally pegged me in an ad online. Look at those dresses!   Responsible Max: No Max, no, your cash reserves are slated for software! Unresponsible Max: Fuck software! Dresses yay!   Listen, I have a birthday in February that so warrants dress buying frenzy right? I’m totally buying a dress. It will […]


stage 32 and the eyes

So after I did the Stage 32 webinars, I was horrified by the bags under my eyes that were on high focus resolution on the computer camera (ahhh!) and I bought this under eye stuff “instantly ageless” to see if it actually worked. I was skeptical but — It totally does work. It’s kind of […]