Cue Sound Test, Max

sound test!

So you know I’ve been working on these video classes since, well maybe since before Jesus was born I do not know I am losing track of time here at this point but a long long long long time. Ahh! But! I think I have nailed sound and lighting (light a candle for me) and […]


black handled scissors beside stainless steel scissors

hair yay day!

The hair day went so totally right yay! I was angsting out a little about cuts and color. In the end we went for a merge of this color and cut combo:   It so worked! Yay yay yay!Thank you Kate at Last Satellite yay!  


office art is up yay yay yay!

Office art is up! Yay! Yay! Yay! [Yeah yeah yeah, you’re saying, Hey Max! Why so late and where is the piece of furniture that goes under the office art? Quit it. Head injury after move in. I’m all proud I can hang art on a straight line. The furniture comes later ya bastards. And […]


dmv frenzy!

Wednesday I went to the Texas DMV. [Actually in Texas it is called “Public Safety.” Interesting.] I think the woman at the Texas DMV was a little worried about me. She explained what buttons to push on the machine I could not outsmart. She pointed out the forms I needed, which were directly behind me […]