god and me

  People keep suggesting — Icy weather in Texas is some sort of hint from God I give up smoking. This seems like an awful lot of trouble on high to send one person one hint. I am not, after all, the only person freezing my ass off in Texas. I suspect a lot of […]


me and my band

  I am — Standing outside a bar having a smoke. A man who is a total stranger to me walks up to me and tells me I should not smoke. [I do not know why total strangers think it is okay to tell me what to do.] I say, Oh it is a job […]


and you say smoking is bad

  So — I am at the desk wanting a cig. But I do not light one because the ashtray is too full. I could dump the ashtray out, but the trash is too full. I know this because this is why the ashtray is too full and also why there are empty coke cans […]