san antonio

show us your shoes!

battle of the flowers!

I went to the Battle of the Flowers parade last night in San Antonio. High school marching bands are impressive these days. Jeez. Those bands are fancy. And good. Also, people here shout to people on floats, “Show us your shoes!” And people on the floats show them their shoes. That is a new one […]


charlie & george

I went to a building event tonight. It was an outdoor movie on the amenities deck. It was the new Top Gun movie. It was fun. Also Tom Cruise has totally stopped aging. I don’t know how. I so want to talk to his dermatologist. I don’t usually mention ghosts to other people here. Not […]


my new ghost

I have a new ghost. I figured out something was up when right after I moved in the elevator told me the building was on fire [it wasn’t] take the stairs [I didn’t] and then the doors in the trash bay loading dock locked me out on the loading dock. You could say these were […]


i'm a bit in love with san antonio

I went out today on my own downtown. I haven’t left the building since I got here except once with a colleague to go see the studio. That makes heading out on my own walking through downtown a big thing. I’ve always been some agoraphobic. I got more that after locking down two years. I’m […]


bat email

I got bat email today. This is my favorite line: “The bats will enter your apartment and hide until dark, which is when their flying party starts.” Bat flying party! Woo! Also: “Our maintenance team can do a lot of things, being BATMAN is not one of them.” Did you know bats are protected? I […]


i got up early

I got up early today. It was for a parade. Not just any parade. A rodeo parade. This is totally out of character for me but the parade was going down my street in front of my building and if San Antonio is going to deliver a parade to my front door it would be […]


new city, new life

I’m in a new city. Packed up everything parts Austin end of December and moved to San Antonio. I think about just how lucky I am. I can do that. Just pack up and go. I could move to the moon if there were internet on the moon. I love the new place. It is […]