Mornings Smokes & Mayhem

mornings, smokes and mayhem

This morning at 4:30 AM I was out on the building’s amenity deck having a smoke. The deck itself is locked down during those hours but there is a little tiny smoking patio there outside the building doors. And I had my smoke. And I headed back inside.  And there was screaming.  Full throated screaming. […]


table for two

When I was totally underaged — And lying like crazy about that to get and keep jobs I worked in this hotel restaurant. It was not upscale. It was not downscale. Kind of middle scale — not the breakfast place, not the tux place, just the in-between place. Which was good for me. People ask […]


things grown men shouldn't do

  THINGS GROWN MEN SHOULDN’T DO: Hop out of an idling car at dusk, leaving the door open and the engine idling, and cut directly across the street to intercept a lone woman on the sidewalk who does not know you. Approach a lone woman who does not know you in a parking garage at […]


my beautiful time sinks

  I think — I’m spending my time unwisely. I’m doing all these things which in the grand scheme of things appear to be mostly time sinks and just grunt work not accomplishing anything. I put out a newsletter every month. It says what new classes are coming. It talks about what the workshoppers and […]


the kindness of strangers

  I am out — On my balcony last night having a smoke. It is pretty late, the bars are closing up and things are quieting down. This girl comes down the path. She is dressed real pretty, in a skirt with sequins on it that flutter under the pale street light. She has long […]


love and the big yellow dog

  There is a woman — Who walks a big yellow dog past my place. She always wears a nice dress and shoes. She is always quiet and frowning a little. Tonight she and her yellow dog went by with a nice man. You could tell he was nice because he had a good smile […]


me and my band

  I am — Standing outside a bar having a smoke. A man who is a total stranger to me walks up to me and tells me I should not smoke. [I do not know why total strangers think it is okay to tell me what to do.] I say, Oh it is a job […]


the russian of spaulding avenue

  I was walking through — The neighborhood the other evening and a woman coming towards me took one look at my face and immediately looked relieved to see me and started speaking to me in Russian. She was looking for a place. She needed directions. This is about all I could get from what […]