and you say smoking is bad


So —

I am at the desk wanting a cig. But I do not light one because the ashtray is too full. I could dump the ashtray out, but the trash is too full. I know this because this is why the ashtray is too full and also why there are empty coke cans on the kitchen counter and two take out boxes in the sink. But —

I want that smoke.

So I go get the trash. Pull stuff out of the sink and off the counter. Bag it all and am going to take the trash out. Except —

It is two flights of stairs to take trash out and if I am doing that I should take recycling too. So. I bag recycling too. [Which means break down cardboard boxes too, oh the humanity.]

Okay. Ready. Except —

To get to recycling I go past the rent drop box so if I am going that way I should drop the rent check too. Which is not written yet. So. I write the check and have it ready to go. Carry trash and recycling down and drop the rent check and get back up here and —

Now I need to wash my hands and with the take out boxes out of the sink there are only a couple dishes there and I have to wash my hands anyway so I should rinse the dishes too and put them in the dishwasher. Except —

Clean dishes are in the dishwasher which is why dirty dishes are in the sink.

So —

I empty the dishwasher, rinse the dirty dishes and stick them in there, and wash out the sink.


I just took out the trash, took out the recycling, wrote the rent check, dropped it off, put away clean dishes, washed dirty dishes, and emptied ashtrays.

For one smoke.


*and you say smoking is bad


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  1. Dan

    Who me? Now why would I say a silly thing like that?

  2. The things we do for a smoke.

    I think I would have had the smoke outside on the way back from the errands. You are good.

  3. max

    No way, I went to a lot of trouble to dump that ashtray, I was going to use that ashtray.

  4. Kym

    If this were me, the cleaning would be less about getting a smoke and more about avoiding some task–say writing perchance but then I’m a bad procrastinator.

  5. Heh – sounds like me recent post on how we really ALL have ADD these days. You just described the typical Sunday chore day for me (not related to smoking since I don’t). I start with the intention of, say, putting away dishes and end up in the opposite end of the house doing something totally unrelated at that point. And then wondering when I get back into the kitchen why the dishwasher is still not empty….sigh.

  6. max

    You must not be a smoker. It was not a case of being distracted. It was a case of being on a mission. [wink]

  7. Having ADD I’d have to say that each of those tasks would have been partially done and left incomplete as I got yanked (mentally) away from it and onto the next. A host of incomplete tasks. That’s my ADD.

    Maybe I should take up smoking.

  8. max

    It is very good for concentration.

  9. Hopefully there is no one scary behind the trash can.

  10. max

    No way, Rabbit, those trash cans are safe.

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