glass ashtray on white surface

the wind is smoking my cigarettes

The wind is smoking my cigarettes again. It does that. San Antonio is windy. Or where I stand to smoke my cigs is windy. We wrestle. Me trying to smoke. The wind trying to smoke. Me trying to smoker faster than the wind can steal my smoke away.

I live a little in fear of the wind icon on my phone. The phone says it is “breezy.” I’ve seen hurricane winds that are not as breezy as it gets when that wind icon is on my phone telling me (I like to imagine this with a British accent) “it’s a little ‘breezy.'”

The ghosts have been quiet. I think I am too boring for the ghosts. I work. I sleep. I fix things. I watch youtube clips. I refuse to get out of bed when they make noise. I’m not fun for ghosts.

This is hilarious though.

Does anyone else watch Dr. Dray? She is a dermatologist with a youtube channel who reviews skin care products and techniques and such. She’s usually not very animated. Or didn’t used to be. She has been upping her game though. She wears makeup sometimes now. She has started doing her hair. AND. She just did a sunscreen review that is more than ANIMATED.




And hilarious to me.

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