Mornings Smokes & Mayhem

mornings, smokes and mayhem

This morning at 4:30 AM I was out on the building’s amenity deck having a smoke. The deck itself is locked down during those hours but there is a little tiny smoking patio there outside the building doors. And I had my smoke. And I headed back inside.  And there was screaming.  Full throated screaming. […]



    Why is it any time I mention women wearing clothing or grooming themselves, everyone starts talking about women “trying to attract men”? Women groom themselves and put on clothing for other reasons. We have jobs. We go to church. We go to the supermarket. We travel on airplanes and go to the library […]


max and the ptsd monster

  A friend called Sunday — To check on me. She knew I was physically okay. Facebook drama had settled by the time she logged on. I’d posted I was okay. I laughed and said, I’m shaking off the PTSD. She said, Yeah, that’s the part I worry about, the pacing stuff. She has known […]


marketing genius!

    According to my inbox, men are interested in: •Hot Asian chicks •Hot Russian chicks •Hot Filipino chicks AND MONSTROUSLY LARGER PENISES!     I cannot be Russian, Filipino, or Asian, but — GENIUS! I can totally sell larger penises.     All you have to put in the box is a magnifying glass […]