@NWSFortWorth Hates Austin

UPDATE: Well this is annoying. It turns out the Twitter weather accounts are EXACTLY like television cable companies and they say things like “we don’t service your area” because — they don’t “service” your area. So you don’t even go on their maps when they report the weather. I hate being wrong. Oh well. My […]


the texas sky

  When I was a kid growing up in California, danger came from the earth.The earth would shake, mud would slide, fire ran along the ground leaping canyons and covering mountains. Here in Texas, danger comes from the sky. The sky spirals, reaches down to rip trucks and buildings asunder, rips along throwing things in […]


dmv frenzy!

Wednesday I went to the Texas DMV. [Actually in Texas it is called “Public Safety.” Interesting.] I think the woman at the Texas DMV was a little worried about me. She explained what buttons to push on the machine I could not outsmart. She pointed out the forms I needed, which were directly behind me […]


god and me

  People keep suggesting — Icy weather in Texas is some sort of hint from God I give up smoking. This seems like an awful lot of trouble on high to send one person one hint. I am not, after all, the only person freezing my ass off in Texas. I suspect a lot of […]