moms on blogs : part iii

  My mother — Does not like environments she cannot control and this environment is definitely that. She knows I do a lot of computer stuff. Last time I visited she spent months reading up on computer stuff before I showed. Then we talked some about computer stuff and she got mad and said computers […]


moms on blogs : part ii

  I do not know — Whether the poster who showed was really his mom or him pretending to be his mom. People can get a little strange on the internet. I do know moms on blogs is really weird and foreign to me. Which makes no sense. Some of my friends are moms and […]


moms on blogs : part i

  There was — This great moment on Thinking Girl’s blog when a big discussion was going down about things girl and relationships and this guy showed up and said some stuff about his really screwed up relationship and then said could anybody shed any light on that? So a couple people did, telling him […]