moms on blogs : part ii


brokenI do not know —

Whether the poster who showed was really his mom or him pretending to be his mom. People can get a little strange on the internet.

I do know moms on blogs is really weird and foreign to me. Which makes no sense. Some of my friends are moms and visit their kids’ My Space pages. Kitty does that. And Sulya’s mom visits Sulya’s blog. Valliant puts tags on his posts that say things like “not safe for work or moms” so someone’s mom is definitely visiting over on BE. And Kym’s mom definitely visits Kym’s blog.

I would probably fall over dead if my mom visited my blog.

[Look, Mom, incentive.]


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  1. I made a comment once–A COMMENT–on a blog. And then said something along the lines that my parents hadn’t quite gotten the hang of the internet and all of this blog / commenting stuff, so I knew they wouldn’t know what I’d commented.

    Whereupon I had an email in my inbox a few minutes later, from my mom, and the entire email said:

    Wanna bet?

    Luckily, whatever it was I said wasn’t something she’d have killed me for. (I do those under a pseudonym.)

    (See, my mom will read that and will now HAVE TO KNOW what pseudonym. HA. revenge.)

  2. LOL Toni!

    I’ve visited the kids’ page when they wanted to show something to me. They have protected accounts which means I can’t go see their page unless I’m a friend (I’m not a friend).

    My mom doesn’t have a computer but she goes to her friend’s house to read “the blob.” She loves that thing, especially since we live so far away. She just eavesdrops, though. Never comments. I think she’s afraid of chasing away my friends or putting people on guard.

  3. My parents got Internet access for the first time yesterday. I’m more concerned about being their 24/7 tech support.

  4. max

    Wow, Woe, aren’t you still doing support for their beta player?

    Toni, now I want to know your psuedonym.

  5. My family runs around my blogs like a bunch of hperactive kids- I guess it’s fair considering I write about them, and use their names in my fiction.

    I’ll tell you one thing, it’s the main reason I stay off the potty mouth train.

    Some things are not worth the grief…

  6. Ben

    Max.. It will be a very cold day in the netherworld when your mom surfs the net. I really don’t know why. I ran into Lynn Ianello (no more) in town today. Do you remember her? Romy and Lynn.

  7. max

    “It will be a very cold day”

    Yes. Yes it will.

  8. My brother found my blog and it creeps me out. So I can relate to what you’re saying.

    Now if my mother found my blog, I’d definitely write about her, just to spite her.

  9. Oh, and then I’d say, “Max made me do it,” and send her over to your blog. Hahaha

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