moms on blogs : part iii


brokenMy mother —

Does not like environments she cannot control and this environment is definitely that. She knows I do a lot of computer stuff. Last time I visited she spent months reading up on computer stuff before I showed. Then we talked some about computer stuff and she got mad and said computers were stupid and she quit reading up on them. That in mom speak translates to “I have figured out a couple months of reading up on computers is not going to make me know more than you on this and it pisses me off so I am going to deride and belittle this because I will be damned if anything you are better at will be of value in this house.”

That is my mom.

I do not think she will be visiting.


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where the art work comes from :
that is broken from arab queen

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  1. I think your mother and my mother are twins.

  2. My Mom is this short little filipina lady in her 60’s who has helped raise her grandkids and loves Elvis and putting together scrap books and shopping for holiday decorations.

    She’s such a senior citizen.


    If you talk to her, in five minutes she will have your family history, what kind of person you are – she could make a forensic pyschologist and a CIA person look like wet behind the ears student on the first day of class

    AND she figured out the computer and the internet…from listening to other people talk about it.

    SOMETIMES my Mom really, really scares me.

  3. max

    Let’s send your mom to Washington. She sounds like she could whip that town into shape fast.

  4. Kym

    Max, I’ll share my mom with you. She has a heart big enough for more. :hug:

  5. max

    Aw, you.

    Wait, you will share your mom but not Jayne? Does your mom know about this?


  6. Kym

    My mom’s heart is big enough for you and me and a few more. Jayne’s arms are wonderful but they only have room for me.

  7. My kids saw this.
    They said you all could have me.

  8. Somehow I have this twisted vision of Simon LeBon singing this post title to the tune of “Girls on Film” . . .

  9. max

    Kym, I cannot find a thing to argue there you are right.

    Anita, they did not.

  10. They did.
    What can I say.
    They got it from me.

  11. max

    They are in so much trouble.

  12. I took it as your kids meant because you have lots of love to go around, Anita. Got to look at the glass half full!

    Max, your mother and mine are twins, too.

  13. max

    Our mothers are so twins. I wonder if we put them in the same room and they came in physical contact with each other, would something blow up?

  14. Not if one doesn’t strangle the other first.

  15. max

    You just know when dark forces collide like that something interesting has to happen.

  16. A mother hell bent on outdoing the child is so out of order. It’s the other way around, we are to have kids that are better than we are.

    The neighbors, that’s a whole different story.

  17. max

    “A mother hell bent on outdoing the child is so out of order.”

    I agree.

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