happy holidays!

I have not forgotten you. I have just been sort of distracted by other life things. One of those life things is sorting out classes for 2024 and putting butts in seats in classes and such and also I get distracted by graphics because I really love graphics so then I trot off and make […]


black and white easter eggs

number four and easter eggs

I’m admiring Easter egg designs I will probably never rally myself at all to do. I like monochrome and black & white. Also foil eggs are really pretty. I’m pretty sure children would not be as excited about monochrome and foiled eggs. Children have really garish taste and like huge big splashy colors. I tell […]


poor bastard

    For ONE HUNDRED YEARS — This guy has been pulling on his tatty little red outfit and showing up to spread joy and commerce and what did you leave him last year? Cookies right? Maybe some milk? Poor bastard. This year leave cash. And maybe a nice Men’s Warehouse gift certificate.  



  September is mildly crazed because I have two weeks off in late August early September between AFW classes to do just about everything I don’t have time to do while AFW classes are in session. So, it’s time off — with no time off.   This is not a bad thing. Part of what […]