We Have Office! And Floor!

the great box struggle

Each time I move, I face the same struggle. The boxes. Me: They are great boxes! Also Me: Recycle them. Me: The packing material was expensive! Also Me: Recycle it. Me: But but but but but — Also Me: We’re not paying for storage for a year to save moving boxes and packing material. Me: […]


Moving Day

move day!

Move day is tomorrow. Moves are NOT feng shui. I’m going to miss these windows. The new place has pretty windows too though. I will show you after I get up and running there. Also half my damn move is file boxes. Lots and lots and lots of files. Urk. It is time to roll […]


Cue Sound Test, Max

sound test!

So you know I’ve been working on these video classes since, well maybe since before Jesus was born I do not know I am losing track of time here at this point but a long long long long time. Ahh! But! I think I have nailed sound and lighting (light a candle for me) and […]


Mornings Smokes & Mayhem

mornings, smokes and mayhem

This morning at 4:30 AM I was out on the building’s amenity deck having a smoke. The deck itself is locked down during those hours but there is a little tiny smoking patio there outside the building doors. And I had my smoke. And I headed back inside.  And there was screaming.  Full throated screaming. […]


stylish jackets on rack in room

closet 1, max 0

The closet broke me. Okay, really the new closet shelf broke me. How do toggles break? Seriously? That closet shelf is so going back to the manufacturer. Part of the entire reason for buying a really overpriced closet shelf from THAT company was it came with super hardware. That, um, broke. It is time for […]


close up photography of snowflake

fucking snow

I have a flurries forecast for the next hour in San Antonio. Fucking snow? Whut? I am SO glad I moved here. I’m in a pretty solid area in terms of the power grid. I know. I checked before I took the place. I’m downtown on the same power block as a really big hospital […]


too many projects!

The shoe cupboard came. It is fancy and nice and I was calling it my birthday present because it allegedly was not going to arrive until February, (Max Mas, yay!), but it came early. Pretty, right? Yay! No more shoes in the entry hall! Also it better be pretty. It took four hours to assemble. […]


overhead shot of shredded papers in a bowl

I need a wood chipper

Why, you ask, would I need a wood chipper? Shredding! Sweet Mother Mary! Shredding took forever. The little shredder can do 12 pages at a time, but I had 15 years to shred. A friend asked why I had all those documents and it’s because I’m not just a person, I’m a business, so it’s […]


marines, we are leaving!

Okay things here on the WordPress servers are getting more than ugly ads way on the blog courtesy of WordPress so I will not be posting more around here while the blog is still on the WordPress site. BUT! I am moving the blog so that you can still catch up on all the celluloidblonde […]