moms on blogs : part i


brokenThere was —

This great moment on Thinking Girl’s blog when a big discussion was going down about things girl and relationships and this guy showed up and said some stuff about his really screwed up relationship and then said could anybody shed any light on that?

So a couple people did, telling him basically his whole attitude about women and sex was warped — it was too, he viewed sex as rape and only dated rape victims who had big intimacy issues so he did not have to have sex with them — and also people told him maybe he should seek counseling. And then —

Another poster showed up claiming to be his mother — the mother by the way whom he claimed allowed a stepfather to repeatedly rape and beat her and her children — who said her son’s attitude towards women was perfectly right and she supported him one hundred percent.

And then.

There was this big moment of silence.

[I guess no one wanted to be rude to a mom.]

And then I said, You are kidding right? Did Messed Up Guy just tell on us to his mom?


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  1. I find the whole thing suspect. It was probably a 12 year old girl from Helsinki just having her kicks… And her alternate personality doing the same.

  2. Dan

    I agree. It all sounds a little too “neat.” I call shenanigans.

  3. max

    Um. I doubt it was a girl.

  4. Daniel

    Going to the link for the thinking girls blog and reading along in the Canadian context, I am provoked to comment. As a sterile man, I can’t really say that I have a battle to fight but in fairness, I cannot embrace an abortion law that does not allow a woman alternatives when she has been a rape victim or a victim of incest. Personally, I want women to have reasonable choices but those examples are the absolute minimum.

    I have to admit that when the protestors of Roe vs Wade set up their rows of crosses, I feel compelled to ask them if those crosses represent the women who died as a result of alley butcher abortions before 1972. They are not amused.

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  6. Easy explanation. The guy’s name is Norman and he was blogging from the hotel office.

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