missing vera

  To become a US citizen, you are required to renounce your citizenship of birth. To say, “I no longer love my country of birth or have any allegiance to that country at all.” I think that’s kind of fucked up. So did my mother-in-law.     [I was married to Swedes for a time.] […]


welcome to the world baby cici

  In news completely unrelated to regular goings on at AFW, Celluloid Blonde and all things Max — My assistant Cris is the proud new father of a baby girl.  Welcome to the world, Baby Cici.  Yay!   *PS:  I have no Cici photos yet so am nabbing a cute baby pic off the internet […]


liar liar

    When I was a kid growing up, adults said things to my parents like, “Oh your little girl is so pretty.” Or, “Oh, your little girl is so smart.” I just thought that’s what adults say to be polite.     Adults are total liars. Any kid knows this. They say food is […]