a rose by any other name

  I spend a good deal of my time lately — Staring at lists of script titles in my immediate future with a sense of impending loathing and horror. This is based entirely on the titles. I have no idea what’s inside there. But the titles? Ahhh!     When this happens, I sort scripts […]


the character course

  Jan 5 — January 5 SeeMaxRun Character Workshop : The 6 Week Character Workshop begins Tuesday January 5th. This is an online 6 week advanced course on characterization taught by yours truly Max Adams. Subjects include introductions [aka authorial intrusion is your friend]; protagonists vs. antagonists; using point of view characters; defining characters through […]


the other side of the coin

  I bitch — A lot about things gone wrong in scripts I read for Nicholl. Bad brads. Bad action. “Etcetera.” WAY too many Dead Elvis jokes — There is another side to this too though. Sometimes things go really right in Nicholl scripts. The thing about that is though, Nicholl reading requires a certain […]


dead stop

  So I am reading — This script. It is a nice script. Characters are working. Dialogue is working. There is structure. Emotion. Tone. Pacing. The writer even has voice. Things are going great. Then a character in the script starts picking strawberries off a vine. Dead stop. Strawberries do not grow on vines. I […]