life with animals

my crush on steve mcqueen

I have a new neighbor dog. He is small and brown with wiry fur and a boxy nose. I see him on my way out of the building to smoke. He lives right on the corner by the doors I go through and I smoke often and he is outside in his patio spot often […]


a bunny besides potted a plant

year of the water rabbit!

It has been Year of the Water Tiger this whole last year and I am pro big cats. Tigers are excitable though and rabbits are calmer. (Well according to the Chinese zodiac rabbits are calmer, I have met some pretty excitable rabbits actually, hello, Cujo!) We are about to jump into Year of the Water […]


savvy dogs!

Dogs in my building — Are savvy. It’s very windy, sort of cold, most people taking the dogs out just want the dogs to go pee and to dash back inside. The dogs don’t mind the wind and cold, though. The dogs kind of like it and want to hang out outside longer. So the […]


max mas!

This is my favorite birthday card.     It is not every day you get a handwritten card from the ever famous Towanda Yazcat. Yay!   See you animals on the other side. Smooch!



    I have been doing IQ posts a long time and people even really close friends [who you would think would have been there from the beginning but no, thank you demon from hell Facebook algorithms] keep asking me what “IQ!” by cute animal photos means so, for everyone who missed it, the “IQ!” […]


the owls are back

  The owls are back. The owls spend time on this enormous tower by my apartment building. That tower is over four stories tall. I do not know what the purpose of that tower is. Sometimes mysterious workmen come out to work on things in electric panels at the tower’s base at night. That is […]


couch surfing gecko!

    I have this new roommate. The Gecko. He is small. He does not pay rent. I think he is couch surfing.     The first time I saw the gecko I was very worried about the gecko. What if the gecko wandered under the couch and became confused and disoriented and dehydrated? [This […]