those damn books

  I took books into — A used book store in Los Angeles. Used book store peeps need to go through books to see which ones they want. So I was going through the books quick, giving a short description of each. [I’m a screenwriter so, you know, when we give short descriptions, they are […]


the other side of the coin

  I bitch — A lot about things gone wrong in scripts I read for Nicholl. Bad brads. Bad action. “Etcetera.” WAY too many Dead Elvis jokes — There is another side to this too though. Sometimes things go really right in Nicholl scripts. The thing about that is though, Nicholl reading requires a certain […]


dear diary

  Dear Diary : Finished and sent notes on writer’s treatment. Reviewed five student assignments. Tallied and logged stats for online workshop. [Hunted down and logged missing stats. Now you die grrr.] Corrected stats count error. Read three competition scripts. Wrote up notes and scored three competition scripts. Updated domains for website clients. Updated contact […]


anatomy of an ankle weight

    Miss Adams cannot post today. She is too freaking sore. Okay not really. I can post. But I am sore. I have these stupid weights that go in these stupid ankle cuffs and each weight weighs two pounds and you can [I stress can] go up to twenty. They are for my knees […]