needles and lightning

  The convoluted route — That brought me to feng shui and acupuncture and yoga — is a face off with needles and lightning.   It started with martial arts. I got into martial arts because I had been in so many violent altercations I should not have survived, I just thought maybe I should […]


how i got into feng shui : part ii

          In feng shui Your life elements are split Within your environment Into nine specific physical locations Surrounding you     Journey. Wisdom. Family. Fortune. Fame. Union. Creation. Support. Health. These are the elements that comprise your life, four of them the past/present, four of them the future/present, one of them […]


how i got into feng shui : part i

          A long long time ago. In a galaxy far far away. Oh. Wait. It was this galaxy. Anyway —       I was in training in martial arts. And in my school we did a lot of work with chi. Chi is life force. It is also a very […]