how i got into feng shui : part i






A long long time ago.

In a galaxy far far away.

Oh. Wait. It was this galaxy.

Anyway —




I was in training in martial arts. And in my school we did a lot of work with chi.

Chi is life force. It is also a very strong weapon. A lot of people in martial arts scoff at chi. I have watched entire discussions go down on the web just dismissing it or referring to it as myth. Which is odd to me. It is the basis of the one inch punch. Also of a heart punch that will literally kill someone dead. Used for healing, chi heals. Used for killing, chi kills. Like most things it all depends on how you use it. And intent.

This is stuff I know about chi from martial arts. Then I heard about feng shui — which is all about exterior chi — and thought, How stupid is that? Chi is an interior element. What the hell does it matter what is going on outside you?

However [there is always a however right?] this other girl in my studio took an interest in feng shui. A big interest. And started talking about it.

I had scoffed at feng shui. I had met people who talked about feng shui at Hollywood parties and I scoffed at them. [Good career move there.] I would never have even considered feng shui except —

Cy started studying it.

Cy is very smart. And also a very good martial artist. Much better than I am. [I am a terrible martial artist.] And when Cy said she was looking at feng shui hard I could not scoff. I had to reconsider. So I did.


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  1. I am thinking clothes on the ironing board are not good for the chi.

    I never would have though you scoffed at the shui. You’re really good at it, know a bunch on the topic.

  2. max

    Now I do I have been studying it ten years now but in 1997 I did not know so much about the shui.

    Clothes on the ironing board are not so good every time you see them they will be a little drag at you.

    Wait. What are you doing ironing? You are a Southern Belle. Southern Belles do not iron.

  3. Blane has to iron his work shirts for meetings. If he leaves it out for the iron to cool off, my clothes walk over to it and chill.
    Damn clothes.

    I’m all feeling closet envy right now. And closet guilt. I just bought some new clothes today so I better tidy up and make them feel comfy.

  4. max

    [[[closet guilt]]]

    What did you buy?

  5. I found four pair of jeans at Gap. I need shirts and didn’t find a single thing in that dept, but when I can find pants to fit I buy.
    Oh, and shoes. Got two great pair of lightweight traveling shoes. Same style, different colors.

  6. max

    Yay! Jeans that fit right are hard that is great. Now you need shirts.

  7. max

    [We should all have passed our sizes and cash to Michele while the big sale was on we would be dressed to the nines.]

  8. Electric blankets and pantyhose are not good for chi.

  9. max

    This is true but my mattress warmer makes me so happy I think it is a compromise that has to be made there.

  10. What is a mattress warmer? Is that the same as an electric blanket?

  11. max

    It is electric but it is stationary it goes on the mattress like a fitted sheet and warms the mattress and bed. It is wonderful.

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  13. I am going to look for one. Since it doesn’t go on top, we can give it a pass from the “bad feng shui” list!

  14. max

    I love mine. Here is a link:

    [I am pretty sure heated mattress pads are not feng shui approved — nothing that has electricity running through it that you sleep with is — but if something just makes you really happy and comfortable you go for it feng shui is supposed to be about accomodating you to make you happy and the rules bend to do that.]

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