kissing ass with the yoga gods

    The other day I was in yoga and thinking I should do better intentions than I usually do. At the beginning of every yoga session we do an intention and breath it in and breath it out and “make it so.” And I said, “connection.” I say a lot of things in intentions […]


friends and leg locks

  A friend stops by — We end up visiting pretty late. Also we start visiting late. Tuesday is review night for me so it’s after midnight when I am even done reviewing and someone can stop by. [Yo, pervos, do not get excited, this is a female friend, not a guy friend. And I […]


yoga moments of infamy

  I’m in class. There are some new people in class. The yoga teacher is being nice to them. One of them has cut and run and is probably puking in the bathroom. The other two are struggling. She tells the two survivors the first thing to get used to in Bikram is the heat. […]


the nefarious yoga shorts

  I got yoga shorts. It is horrifying looking at my poor bare knees and thighs in the studio mirror — and also a lot easier for instructors to bust you if your thighs are not straining hard enough — but really a relief to not start wanting to rip my pants off halfway through […]


needles and lightning

  The convoluted route — That brought me to feng shui and acupuncture and yoga — is a face off with needles and lightning.   It started with martial arts. I got into martial arts because I had been in so many violent altercations I should not have survived, I just thought maybe I should […]


dancer pose

  I finally —   Made it to dancer pose in yoga the other night. It is somewhat surprising I am even doing yoga post :::The Yoga Wars of 2002:::. I was anti yoga after that for a decade but a friend was going to yoga here and dragged me along and these are apparently […]