how i got into feng shui : part ii






In feng shui

Your life elements are split

Within your environment

Into nine specific physical locations

Surrounding you



Journey. Wisdom. Family. Fortune. Fame. Union. Creation. Support. Health. These are the elements that comprise your life, four of them the past/present, four of them the future/present, one of them central combining all. Each manifested in a specific physical location.

I have lived a lot of places. Which means I can see patterns in places I have lived because the places I live change a lot, but the patterns? Not so much.

I also have, to put it bluntly, one of the most fucked up family situations on the planet.

[Okay, not really, a lot of people have family sitches way worse then me, but this is the only one I know and it ain’t pretty.]

So I am looking at this feng shui stuff, and I am counting back through place after place I have been, thinking about where objects have been in each. And I can count back through years in which every single place I have ever stayed, whether it was somewhere I physically lived or was just passing through, in every single one, any mess landed straight in “family.”

That is one hell of a pattern.

That was ten years ago.

I have been reconsidering feng shui ever since.


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  1. To divide and dissect things into sub and possibly simpler parts is the course/curse of a (scientific) learning and a (scientifically) understanding mind.

    But can one, at some point of the process, for maybe just a second, forget analysis or sadness or regret and just swim into the sheer stream of instant happening and simply join in the universal belonging of beings and things?

    Can you for once breath-in all the nine parts and melt the light specter into pristine light once again?

    Can you sit in the sunset or at dawn or at noon, or under the moon, looking around and condensing everything around you and yourself in a single grain, and be exhilarated with… peace?

    [Don’t take this too seriously. I didn’t have the time for a stanzed poem — just delete it if you do not like it]



  2. max

    Well allegedly Buddha could. And did.

    Wow Marcus you are very poetic today.

  3. In this house I am in now, the kitchen is in the family area. Ah the stress of keeping that kitchen clean.

  4. max

    It is funny how you put that, not that there is a family area in the kitchen, but that the kitchen is in the family area.

  5. I guess I view the whole house against the bagua, and then, a bagua inside each room as well. The kitchen is in the family area of the house, the master bath (horrors) in the romance area, etc.

  6. max

    I could really go for romance in the master bath —

    Wait, back up, I mean, um, a master bath in romance does not sound so bad to me.

  7. The feng shui consultant said it was bad because the romance can be flushed down the toilet, go down the drain with the water in the sinks, etc. We have to keep the door to the toilet closed and add red or pink to the room – I’ve got lots of pink towels in there, lol.

  8. max

    Water is most linked to finances so a bathroom in fortunate blessings is bad, but not really so bad in union which has nothing to do with finances. Union is earth, the offspring of fire, so it will be sustained by fire and earth. And while yes, some energy will be drawn through the room by the water leaving the room? I do not think I would be doing the whole bathroom in pink. [smile] You keep the lid on the toilet down, if you are really concerned you keep drains closed or stoppered when they are not in use. And you fill the room with romance and earth tones and bathrooms can be very romantic places. Put candles in there. That is fire and romance. And yes, you always keep a bathroom door closed, but that is just in general not necessarily because you are stopping romance and union from being sucked out of the home closed bathroom doors is a bathroom thing always not just in this case.

  9. That consultant scared us into pink? Actually it is only the towels that are pink the rest is all white and chrome. Candles are a good idea, thanks. All I need now is loofa boy.

  10. max

    All white and chrome are not good in relationship.

  11. Excellent item! Really enjoyed your take on things. I’d love to share this entry with my readers, with your permission?

  12. max

    Hi, Jonathan. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am not sure what you mean by share it with your readers. Do you mean re-post it or simply link back to it?

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