This is Jen’s son. His name is Zach. He is special to me — for reasons I do not comprehend or quite understand. I have never met Zach or Jen in the flesh. Yet, Zach matters. Maybe because it is difficult to focus on big numbers but easy to focus on one individual. Maybe because all writers I think are a little autistic. We live in our own heads, we seldom totally connect to the outside — though when we do watch out — we trust carefully and rarely, and we recreate the world to make it possible to feel and touch.

I wonder about autism. People say it is an inability to reach the outside world. Sometimes I think it is an ability to feel it so much it is too much, so too much someone must turn away.


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  1. Thank you Max. What a surprise to see Zach here. Your kindness is deeply appreciated. I am very touched. What a treat for me, my film debut on Celluiod Blonde.

    April, is Autism Awareness month and I do believe your thoughts on one individual with autism are insightful and will likely be helpful to many.

    ::::::: We Heart You ::::::::

  2. That was beautifully done. Jennifer, you did that? Who is the singer, by the way? I really like the lyrics, too.

    I don’t know what else to say but it really touched me.

  3. Jennifer, never mind – I went to the YouTube link and see that it’s from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

    I’ll be keeping up to see what people say. If anyone is smart I will kick their ass!

  4. Stiletto: It’s also a cover of a song from the ’80’s by Tears for Fears, although the Gary Jules version sounds quite different from the original. Much slower and more poignant, as you heard…

    What a an insightful and wonderful tribute max, and the video moved me to tears. You have a beautiful boy, Jennifer.

  5. I love that version of “Mad World.” It strikes me to the core.

    And you’re right about writers and autism. I’m constantly trying to explain to PB that I’m hyper-feeling but she doesn’t seem to get it. I might have to print out your entry and bring it to her on Thursday.

    Big hearts to Zach!!

  6. My niece Alissa is Autistic- most of the time she’s not with us- but sometimes she’ll look right at you and you know she’s on board.

    The moments are more then special- they’re awesome.


  7. Stiletto, Defender of children.. : ) Yep, it’s my first video. I am studying editing, it’s part of my five year plan.

    Vanessa, This song is perfect. And Zach is beautiful. What about those stunner shades at the end?

    Anita, my best to your niece and your family. I love those moments. I once chatted online with a boy who told me that he started talking when he ws 17. He didn’t know why. It was the best thing I ever heard because I could hold out hope forever.

    Max, You are a true goddess.

  8. max

    Oh I am not the goddess you put together the film you be the goddess today.

  9. If I was really clever I would make that a meme out of that…. goddess of the day.

  10. max

    Memes require either more sleep, so you can be all thoughtful about it, or less sleep, so you can be unleash the gods of delirium, than either you or I have experienced this week.

  11. “the gods of delirium”

    ” I always knew you were there but I never knew your name” HK

  12. Excellent video short of the Zach’s world, Jennifer.

    Zach has a very special mom. I’ve always thought that.

  13. aww thanks Cinema- G You’ll love video editing. It’s fun and it’s about story so if you write you can pretty much edit the story together. This is clearly missing all the fancy stuff but I look forward to learning some tricks. : ) The tutorials for MAC are excellent.

  14. max

    [video editing is a device of the devil]

  15. Awesome vid. Best one I’ve seen in a while.

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