you're beautiful


This is one of those sort of heart breaking songs. I was thinking about it one day and put it in a post. Then I did not post it. I do not remember why. The video is a little odd. But I doubt that was it. It is much more likely I was saying good-bye to someone. And did not want to push the button.

Funny how you can say good-bye without ever saying it.

Or maybe I am just making that all up to make the song more mysterious.

I am like that.



*that is james blunt


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  1. I have always liked that song. I can see it being used in a movie.

  2. max

    I like it too. It is one of those lost moments songs.

  3. You are beautiful Max, but that song, it’s one everyone likes except me.

  4. “My life is brilliant” is one of my most favorite lyrics ever.

  5. Kitty, you are not alone.

    “but i won’t lose any sleep on that because I’ve got a plan” is a line from the first verse.

    And he spends the rest of the song singing about how he doesn’t know what to do.

    Like . . . what happened to the plan, man?

    And yes, Max is beautiful.

    And now I am creepy.

    Oh well, at least I don’t arrange the contents of my pockets around my shoes.

  6. This is a guilty pleasure, please don’t tell anyone. A Swede directed the video.

  7. max

    Which is the guilty pleasure, Till, keeping track of Swede directors or liking that song?

  8. two guilty pleasures in one innocent sentence

  9. max

    Both hands on the keyboard Till.

  10. This s a pretty song and my first introduction to James Blunt. You’ve popped my cherry.

  11. max

    Ooh la la. That is kind of racy.

  12. It’s a good song, a little sad but nice.

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