your stiff breeze ala marilyn




There is an old old story.  A guy is in a town that is flooding. 

[Probably New Iberia but that is up for grabs.] 

Everyone says, For the love of Jesus, evacuate!

The guy says, No, God will provide.



Then the place floods and he’s stuck on his roof.  Because, doy, flood!

And a rescue boat comes and the peeps in the rescue boat say, Come into the boat, be saved!

He says, No, God will provide.



Then the waters rise really high, he can’t even sit on his roof any more, he has to stand on the peak while waters rage around trying to take him down by the ankles.

And a helicopter arrives, and the helicopter crew throws him a line.  Yay!

But he turns his back and says, No, God will provide.



Then the waters rise more and he drowns and is dead.


But not so bummer, he arrives at God’s gates.  Yay!

Except, well, he is kind of pissed off.  He had faith.  He waited, he believed, now he’s dead, what’s up with that? 

So he gets up in God’s face, Yo, God!  I was waiting on you to provide!

And God says, being all patient like God is [I so get this, being a teacher] —

I showed up with people to evacuate you, and you turned them away. 

I showed up with a boat, and you turned it away. 

I showed up with a helicopter, and you turned it away.

What more must I do, my son, to save you?



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