your name is desire


desireYour name is —



Oh, wait, this is about universities. Okay fine. It is about universities.

[Damn. Desire was so working for me.]


You are the University of the South

[Okay the South works for me I have fond memories of Madame Slotsky.]

While you are somewhat small and even removed from the fray, you claim to speak for a large number of people. This representative effort has backfired in recent years [no kidding, the freaking strike has been so problematic] as the group you try to speak for suffers a diminished reputation. [Did I mention the strike?] Nonetheless you are an excellent writer and have been writing just about your entire life. [I actually am go read something good where I meant it and was not just goofing off blogging.] If you were a named streetcar you would go by Desire.

[See, desire was in there.]

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where the art work comes from :
that is postcards from nowhere [02] by levan_i

where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that at rain’s

10 Responses to your name is desire

  1. californiablogging

    Was it you, in a picket line, on the local news?

  2. Kym

    Ooo, Max, being a rebel? Picketing the big nasties? I like it.

    BTW, UC Berkeley all the way (But instead of some cool Streetcar named Desire extra, I got “You really like those cheap Sathers candies.” Cheap Hershey candies Yes. Sathers NO)

  3. max

    I was not on the news.

    What are Sathers candies?

  4. Williams College –

    “Some people find you to be overly trivial, but you think they’re just jealous of how much trivial knowledge you’ve amassed. While
    you do tend to win Trivial Pursuit, you also spend time reading “Garfield”. This eclectic mix is pleasing to you and you like to dress up in robes to further display your tendency for the bizarre. Still, you are fabulously wealthy and admired. You are at higher risk than anyone else for mad-cow disease.” Wha?

  5. You’re the University of California, Irvine!
    Your surroundings have always been spoiled and privileged to the point of being removed from reality. ( Excuse me I just a had a WTF moment )

    At the same time, you can be surprisingly down-to-earth and aren’t even above the consumption of insects. Despite being quite young( this quiz is a total suck up ) you have established yourself as one of the better researchers in your field. You love the strange phonetics of the word “zot” ( okay, I’m good with that one )

  6. Kym

    Sathers are candy that no one eats
    Except maybe fruit stripe gum. I haven’t had that since I was a kid but I have fond memories.

  7. max

    Candy necklaces. I remember those. I loved those things.

  8. They were ALMOST as cool as Pez.

  9. Was NOBODY else on Earth a European university? I don’t know if I feel proud or ashamed now.

  10. max

    Rain you are Canadian. I thought Canadians were proud any time they did not come out in stars and stripes.

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