you are xena the warrior princess


xenaYou are Xena Warrior Princess —

You have done some things in your past that you are not particularly proud of, but you are working hard to change your life. You have also been hurt before, but are slowly beginning to trust again. You are determined and strong willed. You can be ruthless to those who’ve wronged you. You tend to be impatient.

[hmm i think i liked princess leia slave girl better]


:::this quiz stolen from raincoaster:::

:::which heroic sword fighter are you:::


22 Responses to you are xena the warrior princess

  1. I didn’t know you were a lesbian. Xena and Gabrielle were totally doing it.

  2. max

    They were not lesbians they were bi they kept getting preggo and lesbians do not do that without modern medicine.

  3. When they were doing it, they were the lesbian side of bi though. And anyway, they were both cute, so who cares? You’re hot and you make good with the screaming noises.

    I got friggin King Arthur–THE MONTY PYTHON VERSION.

  4. This Quiz is stuck…either that or the person who wrote it was drunk at the time.

    I’m Xena?

    Surrreeeee I am.


  5. Hey, I’m Joan of Arc. Don’t tell the English I got away!

  6. D’Artagnan, fourth Musketeer.

  7. max

    I am beginning to question the gender integrity of this quiz. So far, the choices are one hermaphrodite, one lesbian, and a bunch of guys. What is up with that?

  8. sulya

    I got King Arthur. If I have to be King Arthur I suppose it might as well be Monthy Python style…

  9. Conundrum

    It’s all so confusing to a guy-person.

    Even an open-minded, equality-centric, gender-embracing, homo/bi/lesbo-ok guy-person.

    what to do….

  10. I’m not a hermaphrodite: I’m a virgin! (yeah, that’s what all the hermaphrodites say)

    The Aristocrats!

  11. max

    [Must not laugh too hard must not laugh too hard think of something sad damn it must not laugh too hard….]

  12. I am Xena too…… Max, you are supposed to try to think of a white elephant when you are trying not to laugh ….or is that sneeze.

  13. max

    White. Elephant?

    Jen, where were you born?

  14. Minnesota, but what does that have to do with thinking of white elephants?

  15. max

    I do not think that is a California thing.

  16. Max, you are always outing me : )

  17. Which heroic sword fighter are you?

    You areConan the barbarian! You look out for yourself, and don’t have time to worry about other people unless there’s something in it for you. You’ve learned the hard way that most of the time it’s better not to get involved in other people’s drama. You are courageous, and not intimidated by challenges. You are self-sufficient.Take this quiz!


  18. My comments are getting swallowed again!

    Anyway, I am Conan….how suiting!!!!!

  19. max

    I keep rescuing them and then you have like three. I think it is the quiz links in them askitmet it grabbing them up for.

  20. xena the warrior princess. hmm, i liked xena and even met a xena club with all these ladies at my friend’s party. very nice ladies, very affectionate and generous with touches, but they all had short hair and no makeup.

  21. “very generous with touches…” lol

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