you are the sword


You wield —

The Sword

You possess great skills and are often the main character in an action video game.

[That so works for me.]


:::what weapon suits you best:::


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  1. kommoner

    I am a sword wielder (apparently)

  2. max

    Well clearly swords are the best.

  3. BOW and ARROWS —

    is best for you!!!

    You can perform long range attacks. You are the hero’s comrade and play a supportive role in battles. Cheer up, though you’re not in the spotlight, you can be very helpful with hard boss and since you only stand far to attack, you won’t die(faint)very often.

  4. Dan

    Bow and Arrows…neat-o!

    If they were good enough for Viggo and Orlando, they’re good enough for me.

  5. sulya

    “You use the STAFF!!! You are a mage, you have the power to attack and heal. Mages are often have special power that the villians wanted, which would put you in constant danger. But don’t worry, your knight-in-shining-armor will come in your rescue (for girls only).”

    I must say I object to the idea that I need a knight-in-shining armour espeically if I’m the mage??? But, whatever, fighting duos are always fun… So something strapping and noble – a few interesting scars might be nice – in a 44 Long would be fine I suppose (wink)

  6. max

    Oh sheesh here I am feeling all sassy about running amock with a sword and you nab the first knight in shining armor.

    [This is what mom meant when she said I would never get a man behaving this way right?]

  7. Kym

    Max, The quiz used bad grammar. Then it asked me to submit. I found a better quiz. It said:

    Your greatest weapon is your incredibly sexy body.

    I thought I’d stick with that.

  8. nancyb

    Hey Sulya, I am the staff too! That is great.
    But I am not sure I did it accurately. I didn’t feel any of the personal characteristics suited me. I put down EVIL more as an aspirational quality than reality. The worst I have been able to work up to is ANNOYING

  9. Dan

    Kym, it grammar am much bad. But, I think that quiz you found explains how you’re able to slay Jayne.

    Knights in shining armor are so yesterday’s news, Max. I think you need an archer. Archers are hip. They’re happening. They’re now.

  10. Bow and arrow – I was so hoping for a vehicle-mounted .50 cal MG

  11. Sword. Yes!

    I was so afraid that thing would say “pot of boiling water” or “frying pan.”

  12. max

    No way. The quiz knows about that knife drawer, Kit.

    One of the coolest fight scenes in Lord of the Rings is when Legolas is drawing back his bow, an orc runs him, he stabs the orc with his arrow, then nocks the arrow and fires. I do not know who choreographed that [I should find out] but it is brilliant.

  13. I got the staff, too. You’d think with all that mage power I’d be the knight in shining armor, not need one. Or, knightress, I guess.

  14. max

    I suspect there is an evil answer that gets you the staff. Hmm.

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