you are the borg


you are borg queenYou Are —


You would rather over run your enemies than overpower them.

You take knowledge instead of learning.

You need help deciding but are upfront when forced.

Conquest is everything.

After perfection.


:::what star trek species are you:::


where i nabbed this quiz :
i got that at rain’s where else?

17 Responses to you are the borg

  1. californiablogging

    I am the federation.

  2. Like, whatever. Surrender, biotch! We be Romulans, yo.

  3. max

    LOL — what is that ghetto Valley girl Romulan?

    You crack me up.

  4. I’ve scored Federation as well… I think the QuizFarm people can use a little editing help with all their typos.

  5. I am a doormat…I mean Federation.

  6. ~m

    Rain the brain, eh? :mrgreen:

  7. ~m

    I am the Federation, if you were curious . . .

  8. max

    Do not worry little federation kids, you will be assimilated.

  9. The sooner the better Max.
    The sooner the better.

  10. I’m a Vulcan. Weird ears but cool death grip.

  11. max

    Oh pointy ears are the best. I still have a hot crush on Legolas’s ears.

  12. Cate Blanchett said she only took the part of Galadriel for the ears.

  13. I wound up as Federation, but closely followed by Vulcan and then Borg???

    That’s a really odd combination, I think.

  14. max

    Oh that is easy you are a Vulcan who has been assimilated by the Borg and you have infiltrated the Federation for spurious assimilated by the Borg Vulcan purposes.

  15. Y’know, undercover operations work a lot better when the operatives involved don’t go blabbing about it on their blogs, max.

    Just sayin’.

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