yogurt frenzy


spillI am cursing the yogurt top —

Wondering who in hell thought this top should be this hard to remove and what they thought they had in there plutonium?

Two minutes later I am putting the yogurt container away when tragedy strikes. I drop the yogurt, whammo! Straight onto the hard concrete floor.

The yogurt top stays on.

Just the way it was designed to do if some moron delicate flower happened to drop a 32 ounce mostly full container of yogurt.


*sorry about that cursing thing yogurt people


10 Responses to yogurt frenzy

  1. Okay you got me. I’m laughing like a maniac.

    This means luck is on your side for a while. Even the bad luck.
    Ride it. Ride it good.

  2. I always practice opening a new yogurt (that foil top seal thing) with the container pointed AWAY from me. However, it never fails to splurt onto me somehow. Yogurt manufacturers must be laughing maniacly at the dweebs that buy their products.

  3. max

    Well also I have ten French tips and only one opposable thumb. That complicates the yogurt sitch.

  4. Never question yogurt…it’s ergonomy is otherworldy.

  5. Won’t you be surprised if really it’s plutonium…

  6. aj

    Our yoghurt tops are plastic and frail, we are inferior.

  7. max

    Oh like you eat yogurt.

  8. The way food is made these days it probably IS filled with plutonium.

  9. I douche with yogurt, does that count as eating?

    “Only if you’re that limber.”

    Hahaha I just f*cking crack myself up sometimes!

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