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year of the water rabbit!

It has been Year of the Water Tiger this whole last year and I am pro big cats. Tigers are excitable though and rabbits are calmer. (Well according to the Chinese zodiac rabbits are calmer, I have met some pretty excitable rabbits actually, hello, Cujo!) We are about to jump into Year of the Water Rabbit though on January 21 (also Merc Rx is finally going to quit us January 22, whew!)

Here is what one place internetz ( says about Year of the Water Rabbit:

According to Chinese Astrology, the rabbit symbolizes patience and luck. 2023 will bring qualities that may have been lacking in the previous year, such as peace and success. We expect this year to be less dramatic or tumultuous than the last Year of the Tiger.

During the Year of the Rabbit, we will see a positive influence on people who are impulsive or unrealistic, as they become more level-headed and practical. It is therefore, an excellent time to make crucial decisions and carefully think through your options before to have the best chance of achieving your goals and realizing your plans.

The Year of the Rabbit is going to be a favorable time for most zodiac signs. We can expect success in love and career advancement, with no significant health concerns. Additionally, financial success will be easier to achieve this year.

The Year of the Rabbit brings peace, harmony, and tranquillity to the new year.

That is from — and is one of the few solid descriptions I could find on a fast search online that is straight up about the year not just telling rabbit people their personality traits. (You would be surprised — or not — how slim info about the year alone is online.)

There was a lot of tumult and upheaval in my life in Year of the Tiger. Most of the changes were for the better — new city, new apartment, new life, yay! — but calmer times could be a good thing.

Year of the Water Rabbit. Yay!

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