year of the tiger



It is Year of the Tiger. I am seeing all kinds of conflicting information about Year of the Tiger. Some people say it starts on Feb 4. Some people say it starts on Feb 14. Everyone says it is the metal tiger. Some people say the gold metal tiger. Some the white.

What everyone seems to agree on is, the tiger is brave, impetuous, quit witted, volatile and passionate.

It should be an interesting year.



where that tiger comes from :
that tiger is from lorne primate

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  1. Faig

    No wonder, then, why last year and the year before last were marked by quite a few nasty things including the financial crisis etc.
    Supposedly, we’re all going to leap up like tigers this year? :-) Let it be, let it be….

  2. You sure it’s not the year of the Siberian tiger?

  3. max

    Well, an Asian tiger, definitely. I do not know about Siberian.

    The last two years were dictated by their own animals, the animals are not retroactive.

  4. I was thinking of the kind of tiger that would feel most at home amidst the prevalence of certain meteorological phenomena which has affected almost every part of the country except yours and Hawaii … if you get my, um, drift.

  5. max

    Is this some cheap shot about my sex life?

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