year of the ox


oxIt is —

Year of the Ox. Really I do not know a thing about Year of the Ox I just think that is a really cool ox photo by Richard Gin. Yay!


Okay that was a lie. I do know something about Year of the Ox. The ox is about building slowly for long term. I figure this is positive since as a nation the Stripes is pretty much in the toilet and everyone needs to really consider, be pragmatic, thoughtful, and then rebuild conscientiously with forethought for the long term, not just quick term trash everything for short term gains.

Also, cool photo. Yay!


where that cool ox photo comes from :
that is from richard gin

[go see richard gin’s site many of my especially
cool animal photos come from him]

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  1. I went to that guy’s stream, checked out his beautiful photos and got totally distracted by a comment on there and ended up here:

    My God, Max, you’re gonna die.

  2. I love those pics. I am a sucker for animal pics.

  3. Dan

    Bunnies? Arrrrgh!!

  4. Don’t tell Palin it’s the year of the ox….she’ll think that means open season.

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