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he waits, year of the dog


I am getting worried about this blog —

It seems to be all about snails. And, natch, I found ANOTHER SNAIL. I swear there is a snail bunker in this planter. This snail went to live by Mail & More. Mail & More’s greenery is nicer than the Rite Aid greenery so maybe holding out was a good thing for this snail.

A friend of mine is having a Chinese New Year’s Eve party tonight. We are entering Year of the Dog. My friend’s name is Dog. I suspect this is a secret plan to get a bunch of good looking women in one place and sneak smooches. I mean, Year of the Dog? A guy named Dog? New Year’s Eve? It has got to be about good looking women and smooches. I wonder what the feng shui aspects are of that? I wonder what it is going to be like being at a party comprised entirely of good looking women and Dog.

That is okay. I owe Dog. I talked him into having a Tupperware soup party with the lure of cute Tupperware girls and every girl who showed was not single I can do an all girl Chinese New Year’s Eve party to make up for that.

I do not remember what Chinese year I was born in. This is for sure because whatever it is, I did not like it and promptly mind wiped it. Probably something unfortunate like an ox or a rat or something. I would rather be a Dog. Dog was probably not born in the Year of the Dog either though. I will have to unravel that tonight — what year was Dog born in really?

I am taking bubbles. Bubbles are festive if soapy and I have this whole bottle of bubbles that looks like a champagne bottle that actually Dog got me one birthday that I have never used. This seems like an appropriate occasion.

See you in the Year of the Dog.


where the art work comes from :
that is he waits by greg

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