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featherMy body is back.

Okay, not entirely back, but back. It goes in pieces. It hurts a lot at first. I work through it and stuff stops hurting. My hand brushes my leg one day and I think, Oh that cord is back. Good. I look in the mirror one day, and there is definition running up my stomach again. It is working.



:::aliens stole my body i:::
:::aliens stole my body ii:::
:::aliens stole my body iii:::
:::aliens stole my body iv:::



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  1. Max:

    Congratulations on the return of your body. Mine stopped talking to me after the last session at the gym and I don’t think the two of us will ever be the same again. (Oh, we might get together for a cup of coffee, but I’m sure that my body will wind up leaving with some cheap, shallow person, leaving my mind behind to pick up the tab — again.)


  2. A feel good version of ” Invasion of The Body Snatchers “…hmmm, I like it.



    Madame…I will not have my vanity questioned!
    Here’s me playing lovely presenter at an art show.

  4. It’s a nice feeling when the inside version of ones self matches the outside version. My friends think I am vain, but I see it as an aversion to dissonance.

  5. max

    You cannot be that vain, we have not had a Valliant photo update in weeks.

  6. max


    Wait, the first one is cheating that one is on the site.

    The second one is new and lovely.

    [You had better tell the guy in the middle he forgot his Planet Earth contacts.]

  7. max, will you list the exercises you do? I’m bored with my own and subsequently, don’t follow through. I’d like to change up my routine.

  8. max

    Can’t. There is no routine it is just whatever feels like it should be worked that day and it would give me carpel tunnel to list stuff.

  9. yikes, if it is that many, then no, don’t want you to list ’em because then I’d feel super guilty and I have enough of that already. Although I am trying to increase what I do daily because I got out of the habit after the surgery last fall and it is starting to really show.

  10. max

    Well see, you can do one thing a whole lot of different ways depending on what you are shooting for. I mean, I can say I do a right lateral leg lift, but that does not mean anything because a leg lift will be different depending on whether the toe is pointed or the foot is flexed or the foot is relaxed and depending on whether the leg is facing front or turned out — one motion and what it does changes with placement. And that is just the leg and foot placement in one motion and does not include what you are doing with the rest of your body while you move that leg. Which all matters. Especially if you are strapping weights on if you screw up with weights on, and it can be something real small like just not holding your hips right, you can hurt yourself. I have been doing this stuff most of my life so mostly it is automatic. But typing it out would take forever. You need someone who knows standing there showing you, that is faster and simpler.

    Or just something that is fun and works a lot of muscles at one time. Swimming is good. Bicycles are good. Skating is good. Those are all low impact [unless you fall on your head or crash a bike hmm] and work a lot of different areas at one time. Summer is coming that might be too hot for biking. What about boating? Rowing is good.

  11. Maybe your body, could give my body a hoy….

    Everything hurts.

  12. max

    [Wow this is so embarassing I got caught in my own spam filter — that does not seem very spam discerning. A couple other people were in there too I released.]

  13. I’d be a total utslay this summer with all of your hotness. The personal trainer does sound tempting.

  14. max

    I am vain I care what I look like to other people but I care more what I look like to me. It is a collateral of self thing.

  15. Okay, now I feel really bad. I suppose I could engage myself in some physical activity but…nah. I think I’ll just go online and do some Unreal Tournament 2004. (Sure, there’s that whole body is a temple thing going but the way I see it, I’ll wait until the fair sex stops flirting to tell me when I need to worry about whether or not I need to actually do physical stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of working out, but it’s the actual working out that bothers me. (Does playing Hardcore Paintball count as working out? If it doesn, then I work out to beat the band.)

  16. max

    Hmm. Since the only two single people posting besides you Jen are myself and Valliant you are talking about his hotness or mine?

    Richard, working out is a substitute for physical activity when you do not do something else, doy.

  17. I am vain too and I am not quite sure how to expalin that. I just like it.

  18. aj

    My body is missing. I have placed a missing person ad, even stuck photos on telegraph poles, but it seems in the land of the pregnant you just have to wait until the mothership leaves and hope to hell they give your body back the same as when they took it.

  19. max

    That is not missing. That is expanded.

  20. “It’s a nice feeling when the inside version of ones self matches the outside version. My friends think I am vain, but I see it as an aversion to dissonance.”

    Oh you are vain AJ – be proud kindred spirit.

    Keep up the good work, Max. You will give us a photo update, after all, fair is fair!

  21. I am vain I care what I look like to other people but I care more what I look like to me. It is a collateral of self thing.

    Well you are from California lol

  22. max

    Well if dumb Brian would send me the photos we took the night his band played in town I would post those but he has not sent them.

  23. Pssst! AJ! Nice pics…nice backdrop too lol

    Get to working on those Max. Priority numero uno!

  24. max

    I cannot coerce Brian. I will be lucky if I see those before his girl is passing through L.A. in June.

  25. Max:

    You doyed me. That made me laugh. Thanks.

  26. You are lucky Max didn’t ban you lol

  27. Yeah, Max, that makes sense (too long to explain each nuance for each and every thing). I am just at the point of being too annoyed with myself to count. I used to exercise regularly and stayed in shape for a long time even after sort of stopping (not intentionally, just drifted) and have been so busy, that trying to work it into a schedule hasn’t worked. I’ve got to find some way to do it in pieces when I’m writing, like getting up to take a break, do some leg work, sit back down and write more. Or something. I am vain and am very unhappy with how I look now because that it not me in the photos and it really bugs me a *lot* to see that person documented because I don’t want it to be the truth. (sigh) Have to treat this like the writing — I have never had problems making myself sit down and write and be productive because while yes, it is work, there are good results from working. Doy, you’d think I’d remember that from working out.

    Okay, butt kicked in gear. ;)

  28. Toni you wrote a book. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Ironically, I work out all the time but when I saw your work I was like, “Damn she is so talented she wrote a freakin’ book and I want that!” But I’m alway so busy in the gym or being tired from the gym and phucking off and not being serious about anything (except yes the gym). The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

  29. Stiletto, yeah, you’re right, (green grass, etc.). I think it’s just that I’d always been in shape for so long, I sort of always thought it would be easy to stay that way, and now, it’s really hard work, and I just want it to be easy, dang it. ;) But you have a good point. I’ll work it in somehow.

  30. max

    You cannot make the exercise part of the writing. Like, Oh I will do this exercise thing on breaks between writing. That locks two things in conflict with each other together and makes them dependent and conflicting with each other.

    You have to designate specific time to exercise, and not violate it, not make it expendable. “This day, Wednesday, I set aside 2-3 pm to exercise.” The end. It will not happen if you do not do that.

  31. Listen to Max. She’s wise.

  32. Listen Toni, anyone can lose weight – however, not everyone can write a book.

    My gem for the day.

  33. max

    Well it is easy for me to say because I am reading right now which is hours of immobile activity that does not require typing or being creative so I can exercise while I do something else. Kinda annoying ain’t it?

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