adeiuEver since —

That post went up about The Cougher things have gotten way quieter next door.

Talk about Christmas miracles.

If a dog in the building had not been crying all night and all morning really loud I might actually have gotten to sleep in today. Or, you know, sleep at all.

[I hope this is not a cheap cinematic trick.]


where the art work comes from :
that is adeiu by photopixel

11 Responses to wow

  1. maybe he read your blog (you know, just in case you haven’t met your *creepy things to think about* quotient for the week)

  2. max

    Hey if reading the blog convinces the guy[s?] to mute his [their] phone calls and convos that totally works for me.

    Also if the large men slathered in prison tats banging on my door by mistake could try to be a little more discreet that would be nice too.

  3. oh, sorry bout that. honest mistake. all those doors look alike

  4. max

    Brahn, are you covered in tats?

  5. no. too poor for that. just the one tat. i’d like to be, tho.

  6. and it’s not a jailhouse tat. to SMART for that

  7. max

    Oh you have a smart tattoo. That is so clever.

  8. I think the man formerly known as faux record guy clued him in on your blog?

  9. max

    Maybe. I know someone in building management used to read it, I do not know how many other tenants read it.

  10. max

    [ps : “the man formerly known as faux record guy” — that is hilarious to me]

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