wow that is bright


Carmindy from —

What Not To Wear was in Hollywood Friday doing make up on people so I trotted myself over to see what she would do to me.

She put really bright blush on me way up front in my face. This was really startling to me I do not usually put blush there. She says it is a good look. It was a good look on every other person she put it on. Me, I spent the rest of the day waiting for a while and then popping in front of a mirror to see what it would look like. This is sort of like repeatedly opening the fridge to see if by some magic a big chocolate cake has appeared in there. [Tragically this has never happened.] But it is also about getting used to something on your face so that you can really evaluate it from an objective perspective instead of just being startled something is so different.

I think it may take a few days to be objective on this blush action.


*if you watch that show carmindy’s eyes really are that green wow


where the art work comes from :
that is from cactus3000

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  1. max

    The blush’s name is “Ginger.”

  2. That sounds interesting – a bronzy-type thing?

  3. max

    It is not bronze. It is very bright. Sort of orangey pink.

  4. It’s supposed to draw attention to the center of your face-and you use a bright color. The eye is a slave to bright color.

    I just never thought anyone would use that technique on people with a pulse.

    I threw that in there for the guys Max, they’re going to feel left out on this one


  5. max

    Yay! Make up tips from the morgue!

    You so crack me up.

    Hey it makes sense whatever works on dead people should work twice as well on the living I mean, we are still breathing.

  6. And while I still have a breath in my body I’m going to use it to laugh when I see this on people.

    Actually it’s not bad trick to use, I don’t use bright colors though.

  7. Animar has a great point – why waste blush on areas of high lividity? Unless, of course, one died face-down . . . .

  8. Sarah

    Did she begin with a spray foundation? Carmindy seems friggin obsessed with spray foundation. Ick.

  9. max

    No. This line does not have any spray foundation. I have always been curious about that stuff.

  10. Sarah

    I can’t do it. It seems too wasteful to me. And I hate make up sponges. I imagine them infested with bacteria and yuck. And the texture of them–ick. I’m all about the Bare Minerals.

  11. Makeup tips from the morgue. This one is so bizarre I’m not touching it.

  12. Did anybody you know and trust see you with the blush? Did they say, “Wow, Max, you’re ALIVE!” or anything revealing like that?

  13. max

    No and you are in a lot of trouble c’mere.

  14. max

    You have not been out in a while. Abandoning Hollywood for the higher arts?

  15. max

    Sarah how are those bare minerals? I just saw another commercial for them and they look nifty but I am always suspicious of new make up promises.

  16. Not abandoning. Rather depressed over Hollywood right now and feeling very psyched about the novel I just started. I just don’t have the energy to do what it takes to break down doors in Hollywood from Dallas right now.

  17. max

    Writing is writing and psyched is all good. I am looking forward to the novel. Yay!

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